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Introducing Carpe Diem Next Generation

Carpe Diem Next Generation has been re-engineered from the ground up to take the latest technologies into account. It has been built to incorporate the intuitive approaches adopted in leading-edge consumer apps. It reflects the ambitions and aspirations of today’s firms. And it embraces a changed landscape – one where legal professionals are no longer office-bound, and where clients have become increasingly less loyal and more demanding. Designed with all these factors in mind, Carpe Diem Next Generation is timekeeping reimagined. It truly represents the next generation of timekeeping for legal firms and will make time work for you like never before.

Introducing the Next Generation of time tracking tools

Carpe Diem Next Generation is a single system that provides every element of  timekeeping across every platform consistently.

  • Capturing and managing billable time anywhere, at any point in the day, on any device online or offline – timekeeping becomes easier and more accurate
  • Built on HTML5 meaning the same interface on every device – that’s one single, straightforward, and uniform user-experience
    • IT no longer has to deploy, maintain and manage multiple solutions, so can divert the costs and time saved into other business-critical activity
    • Web browser based and thin client ready, so both implementation and running costs are lower.

Carpe Diem Next Generation sets a new user-experience benchmark for business applications in law firms.

  • A consistent interface across every device and platform, so there is no barrier to using the right system at the right time
    • Adopts contemporary design principles on the use of colours, layouts and formats
  • An interface inspired by the usability approaches found in the best-designed consumer apps.

Carpe Diem Next Generation delivers the industry’s most advanced timekeeping technology, offering the widest functionality available in the marketplace.

  • Powerful technology embeds activity data directly within the time recording workflow, automatically populating timesheets so lawyers don’t start with a blank page they must laboriously fill in.
  • Automated ‘Timefinder’ technology finds missed time – unlike other software users are not confronted with hundreds of possible missed-time entries, simply the ones that should be recorded
  • ‘Talk-back’ technology assists users with timekeeping performance and efficiency so the process is quicker
  • Predictive assistance auto-completes forms with predictive searches, and provides in-line spell checks, so the process becomes smoother.

Carpe Diem Next Generation is fully compliant and provides the sector’s most powerful reporting dashboards.

  • Powerful management console allows firms to effectively monitor and
    measure timekeeping performance
  • Integrated e-billing and ethical wall validation improve compliance, reduce risk and improve cash flow
  • Reports provides clear view of unaccounted-for-time which improves
    their productivity.
  • Finance can track and reduce the lag between activity, time-capture, billing and cash.
  • Firms can quickly generate real-time reports giving clients clarity and confidence


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