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Carpe Diem Next Generation is a single system that provides every element of timekeeping across every platform consistently.

  • Capture and manage time anywhere, at any point in the day, on any device whether online or offline, so timekeeping becomes easier and more accurate.
  • Use your preferred time-capture method– whether that’s contemporaneous, on the move, or using timesheets on the desktop – making timekeeping convenient.
  • Enjoy the exact same interface on every device, a single user experience on every device platform.
  • A holistic solution built on HTML5 :
    • IT no longer has to deploy, maintain and manage multiple solutions, so the firm can divert the costs and time saved into other business-critical activity
    • Web browser based and thin client ready, Reducing both implementation and on-going costs.


This all adds up to greater convenience, higher adoption and utilisation, lower costs and increased billings for the firm.


Carpe Diem Next Generation sets a new user-experience benchmark for business applications in law firms.

  • Carpe Diem Next Generation is easy, intuitive and even enjoyable to use, so time-keeping happens more regularly
  • Consistent interface across every device and platform means no barrier to using the right system at the right time
  • Time-capture is now quicker for the time-constrained fee earner, freeing them to spend more time on creating value for the firm and for their clients.
  • Personalise your user experience, change language and profile pictures to suit your needs
  • Firms can easily embed Carpe Diem Next Generation (for example into their intranet), as well as brand the application to their specification.
  • Adoption is simple, with minimal to no end-user training required, so training costs are slashed.


An intuitive interface increases the speed and breadth of adoption, lowers the cost of training, enables greater productivity and increases net billable hours.


Carpe Diem Next Generation delivers the industry’s most advanced timekeeping technology, offering the widest functionality available in the marketplace.

  • Carpe Diem Next Generation supplies a chronological view of each working day, to help lawyers easily review and value their work in an efficient way
  • Powerful ‘Best Match’ technology embeds relevant activity data directly within the time recording workflow, automatically populating timesheets so lawyers don’t start with a blank page which they must laboriously fill in.
  • Automated ‘Timefinder’ technology finds missed time – unlike other software users are not confronted with hundreds of possible missed-time entries, simply the ones that should be recorded
  • ‘Timefinder’ also allows lawyers to auto-populate timesheets based on their digital footprint, or to find missing time by responding to intelligent prompts on any device, at any time.
  • ‘Talk-back’ technology assists users with timekeeping performance and efficiency so the process is quicker
  • Predictive assistance auto-completes forms with predictive searches, and provides in-line spell checks, Improving the quality of the time entry from the start.


No other system offers this breadth and depth of functionality in one place, all of which is designed to drive an increase in billable hours.


Carpe Diem Next Generation is fully compliant and provides the sector’s most powerful reporting dashboards.

  • A powerful management console allows firms to effectively monitor and measure timekeeping performance and identify potential missing time.
  • A potent set of out-of-the-box metrics and dashboards enable a clear firm-wide view of time inventory.
  • Fully customisable metrics and dashboards supply actionable management information at the press of a button.
  • Integrated e-billing and ethical wall validation improve compliance, reduce risk and improve cash flow.
  • Lawyers gain a better view of  missing time which improves productivity.
  • Finance teams can track and reduce the lag between activity,
    time-capture, billing and cash.
  • Firms can quickly generate real-time billing reports that give clients more confidence in the firm and enrich the client relationship.


Easy reporting brings a number of transparency dividends. It ultimately leads to a more tightly run firm with more trusting and loyal clients.


Carpe Diem Next Generation provides the sector’s most resilient and scalable solution.

  • Delivered with both thick and thin clients, it offers maximum flexibility for any size of firm.
  • Tested for 3,000 concurrent users, it supports up to 20,000 timekeepers with 800,000 time postings a day and 160 postings per second.
  • Fully configurable and customisable, it is designed for both the single office and for multi-language, multi-location global organisations.


CARPE DIEM NEXT GENERATION is dependable and reliable, and has the power to grow with your firm.



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